Monday, January 19, 2009

Weight Loss!

I have good news on the weightloss front!!!  Yesterday when I weighed myself I saw a number I hadn't seen in over a year, today when I weighed myself it was an even BETTER number, one I hadn't seen in over 3 years!!!  I came squealing out of the bathroom and Sheldon did not know WHAT to think, but he was very happy for me when he figured it out.  It was a very happy moment!!  Well deserved too, Sheldon and I went dancing on Friday and went to the gym yesterday.  The machine I chose at the gym yesterday really kicked my butt and burned over 200 calories in 25 minutes.  It was a Nautilus treadle treadmill where there are two separate belts you are walking on and they treadle up and down like the old fashioned sewing machines.  It is supposed to replicate hiking as opposed to walking and it is also supposed to be twice the workout.  I believe it because after 25 minutes I felt like I had to crawl to the bike...I didn't crawl mind you, I just felt like it!  That is definitely the machine I will be using from now on instead of the normal treadmill!

I have been doing quite well on my eating too.  Not eating unless I am actually hungry and trying to choose well.  I have had a few cheeseburgers...but I'd take a banana right now over a bowl of ice cream hands down.  I wish I had a banana right now!

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