Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Well this was a first...

I lost my wallet this weekend. I am 44 years old and I have never lost my wallet before. Never. Luckily it was only my wallet and there wasn't really anything of value in it other than the $30 cash. I had a couple debit/credit cards and my drivers license and 14,000 membership cards to every freaking store in the tri-state area. I was kind of tired of carrying all of those cards around anyway, so now I have eased myself of that extra weight.

The last time I know I had my wallet was Saturday night when we had been moving large pieces of furniture and driving all day. Sheldon was doing all the driving and all the heavy lifting so don't feel too bad for me, but I was exhausted. We got the fridge and the dishwasher out of my condo and then realized that we didn't have anything to use to tie them down. There is a Lowe's right across the road from the neighborhood so we walked over there to buy some straps. I know I took my wallet because I expected to pay for the straps. On the way back down the hill to the truck a thunderstorm was brewing to the west and we were getting splattered with occasional raindrops so we were walking double-time. I know that when we were almost to the truck I handed Sheldon the bag of straps. I know that I opened the truck door but didn't get in. I think I put my wallet down at that point. I know I helped him tie down the fridge.

After that we got in the truck and drove back to the new house. We (he) unloaded the two appliances into the garage and I went inside to let the dog out. I carried my totebag and all the trash and such out of the truck and into the house. We stood talking in the kitchen for a moment and decided that he would drive the truck back to the uHaul place and get my car and I would go to bed. Cause you know, I was so tired.

I didn't realize that my wallet was missing until late Sunday. I kept thinking it was somewhere else in the house, or out in my car. It took a while for my brain to process the fact that the last time I had seen it I was not in my car, but in the rental truck. At 9pm Sunday I was searching every nook and cranny of my purse, my tote bag and my car. No wallet. Monday morning I called the uHaul place as soon as they opened. They had not seen my wallet and the truck was out on another rental but was due back within 30 minutes. I called back 30 minutes later. Not back. I called back every 30 minutes until noon. Still not back. The last call I wailed to the clerk "They are NEVER coming back because they have my credit cards and they are Living Large!" He laughed. I gave up calling until after 3pm. I get off work at 3pm and was waiting on the corner for my bus when I realized that I hadn't called in a few hours so I proceeded to dial and redial the number but Couldn't Get Through! Now I was picturing all the guys from the uHaul store out partying with the rental customers and my mastercard. Finally about 6pm the call went through and the bad news. The renters hadn't found it and the guys had gone over the truck with a fine toothed comb and it was not in the truck.

So...I started calling credit card companies and I went on the DMV website to see what the hours were to go stand in line tonight. Today I walked down to Filene's Basement on my lunch break and bought myself a new bright green wallet. (My old one was brown which obviously equals invisible.) While I was there I decided to treat myself to a new purse as well. I would love to show you a picture of it but I can't find one on the net. If I can upload one I will later today. It is adorable. The brand is Tignanello which I have never heard of before...but then I usually buy my purses at KMart so what do I know?

I really think that Sheldon is going to regret introducing me to this whole world of girlie things like shopping. :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The only way I like crab

Crab Dip
Sheldon needed an appetizer for a work function so I made him a crock pot full of this. This is actually the only way I'll eat crab, and I totally love it!

2 8oz pks of cream cheese
2 cups (16oz) sour cream
4-5 (6.5oz) cans of crab meat
chopped onion to taste
salt and pepper to taste
1 teaspoon worchestershire sauce
tabasco to taste
1/2 to 1 cup of cheddar cheese

Throw all the ingredients except the cheddar into a crock pot and set on high til everything melts together stir and turn to low for 3-4 hours before your party, then when the party starts throw the cheddar on top, stir it in and dig in. You can leave it in the crock pot or serve in small bowls for dipping. I like the triangular Triscuits dipped in it! Sheldon didn't even taste it but the crock pot was empty, so I'm thinking everyone else enjoyed it.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Yes, it is true, I am a lightweight.

Last night Sheldon and I went out to his favorite restaurant for date night. This restaurant just happens to be less than two miles from our new house. It is called The Dock and they have Fabulous food! He ordered a beer and I ordered a Maker's Mark Manhattan, because although I don't drink much, I do insist on the best. Our appetizer was shrimp wrapped in bacon which were sitting on rounds of fresh mozzarella and tomato slices. He got roasted pork chops over garlic mashed potatoes and I got filet tips over pasta with asparagus and cream sauce. For dessert we split the "sampler" which included small servings of chocolate mousse cake, key lime pie and apple pie a la mode. Let me just tell you that every bite from start to finish was scrumptious and we ate every single bite of everything.

Now as I stated I am a lightweight. I actually managed to finish my drink which for me is rare, but boy I could feel it. Sheldon was tickled because I was goofy. I was red in the face as though I had a sudden sunburn, my southern accent was ratcheted up about 6 notches, and I just thought it was the most beautiful night of my life. The funny part was I could hear how ridiculous I sounded but I couldn't stop it.

Can you imagine how goofy I'd be if I actually did drink two or three? Lord have mercy!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mind Control is just one of my Super Powers

Did I ever tell you about the time that Miles thought I had mind control over Target workers?

One day when Miles was about six years old we were in the car headed to our new Target. I can't remember why we got on the topic but I referred to Elvis as "The King". Miles dismissed my comment by saying that I didn't even like Elvis so why would I call him the king? I laughed and said that I had no control over it, that Elvis was known around the world as the King. Miles was sure that I was teasing him. He reminded me that we didn't have a King in the US, we have a President. I agreed and said he was the King of Rock and Roll.

All the way to the store I tried to convince him that I wasn't lying or teasing, but telling the absolute truth. We parked the car and got out and I offered to walk up to anyone in the parking lot and ask them "Who is the King?" and they would say Elvis. He hates it when I embarrass him like that so I knew he would back down on this argument if I made that offer. He didn't back down though, he was completely convinced that I was making fun of him or of Elvis, or both. As we walked into the store a young clerk was arranging the carts and I said "I bet we could ask that young lady right there!" The girl who was barely 18 looked over, all eager to help in her new job at the new store and said "Can I help you?" Miles was tugging on my arm now, begging me not to do it, but how could I not? I asked her "Who's the King?"

Considering that this was in the suburbs of Washington, DC and she was most likely one of those girls who couldn't decide which Hanson brother was the cutest, it was a pretty bold choice on my part. It could all have blown up in my face at that moment. She looked a little panicky as she was expecting a question like "Where are the towels?" and then very slowly she said "Elvis Presley?" Miles looked at her dumbstruck and then looked at me and said in a very hushed voice "How'd you do that?"

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Big Mama will you be my friend? Please?

Big Mama makes me laugh every single day. I am reading through her archives because I just discovered her recently. Today I read this:

Caroline was riding around on her scooter and came to a stop right next to me.

She said, “Emily and I are in our very own club. You can’t be in our club.”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s a club for four year olds and you’re not four.”

And since I am very, very mature and have read many parenting books chockfull of parenting wisdom, I said, “Well, that’s fine. Daddy and I have our very own grown-up club.”

P piped up from where he lay dying in the bedroom and said, “That’s right, it’s called MARRIAGE and there’s no escape. It’s like being part of a street gang.”

If I had been drinking anything I would have had a perfect spit-take.

Go here to read the blog...you'll thank me later.

Moving is a drag...but that's not why I was crying.

I hate moving and I speak from experience. I have moved a lot. I haven't moved very FAR mind you, just often. In fact, I have been in my current condo for 11 years and it is the longest I have lived anywhere in my entire life. I was born in Roanoke, Va moved to Toms Brook, VA when I was 4, moved to Strasburg, VA when I was 12, moved to Fairfax, VA for college when I was 19. During my college years I moved an average of every 5 months and not because I was moving in and out of dorms. I never lived in the dorms. George Mason was (and still is to a point) a commuter school and very few people lived on campus. When I left school (without graduating) I moved to Baltimore, Md. (I had an adorable one room apartment there that only cost me $280 a month!!!!) Then I met the X. He and I moved to VA Beach, Strasburg and Leesburg within a year. The next year we moved to Harpers Ferry, WV. The next year we moved to Winchester, VA. The next year we moved to Chantilly, VA where I have lived ever since. I have been in the same neighborhood in Chantilly for 15 years, but this is the third unit I have lived in there.

Moving sucks, but that being said, this is probably the easiest move I've experienced. Neither Sheldon or I have to be out til the end of the month so we have plenty of time. The furniture is all being moved by professionals, so we don't have to do any heavy lifting. We have had time to paint and unpack boxes as we go. Well, he painted, I unpacked boxes. So at this moment, the upside is that my kitchen is clean and put away. My closet has my clothes all sorted by type and hung neatly. My shoe boxes are all neatly stacked. The bathrooms all have toilet paper and the sinks all have soap. The bad news? Well a minor inconvenience is that I can't do laundry at the new house yet, but all my dirty laundry is already there. I'm sleeping at Sheldon's house, but my clean and dirty clothes as well as my shoes are at the new house. Last night as I was leaving the new house to go to his house I realized that I had nothing to wear, so I doubled back and grabbed a skirt, top and jacket that I love and the boots that go so well and help keep me warm in my freezing cold office. Only it wasn't the skirt I usually wear with the outfit and I didn't realize until I was at Sheldon's that the boots were not gonna go with the changed skirt...so I had to dig through a trashbag of rumpled but clean clothes and find an outfit that would go with the shoes I left at work and throw it into his dryer for de-rumpling. Cause I'm not gonna iron!

Are you tired? Or is it just me?

I am proud to say that so far there has been no yelling or tears. Not that yelling or tears are a normal part of our relationship, but moving can be stressful. Moving in together can be stressful. Blending two entirely separate households into one can be stressful. Yelling and tears seemed to be on the horizon. I did cry in the car driving between houses last night, but it wasn't because of yelling, it was because of this beautiful song...

See! Even that poor guy is crying! Tim McGraw kills me when he gets sappy. I am old enough now that I am not losing peers in Iraq but three people I know have lost sons over there.

This song also made me cry this week.

Darius Rucker, you kill me.

Friday, April 10, 2009

I believe in you!

I am absolutely having the best birthday ever! My darling Sheldon is sitting at the settlement table at this very moment buying me a house for my birthday. My co-workers have given me flowers, cards, breakfast and lunch today. I have gotten calls, emails and facebook posts from all over the country and all over the world today. It is a beautiful day. I was reminded of this song and looked up this video and it almost made me cry. So here, I'm sharing some happy birthday tears with all of you!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Who's the April Fool Now?

Well, I am still not entirely convinced that my brother isn't pulling my leg. Pun intended. But he did send this hideous picture of the his leg this morning. Turns out he is back in the hospital due to what they think is an allergic reaction to the betadine they slathered him in before surgery last week. While he also has friends who are experts in make-up and special effects, I'm thinking this is real. I truly expected a phone call this morning where he said April Fool and then chuckled himself silly. After I got this photo I called the hospital and asked if they had a patient by the name of CAB. I became more suspicious when the operator started snickering, but she assured me that something funny was going on at her end. She gave me his room number and asked if I wanted to be transferred. Being no dummy I asked her what part of the hospital this room was in. See, if he was in maternity or something the jig would be up. The woman answered, and I kid you negative: "He's in the old wing." I explained that no, I needed to know what department he was in and she assured me it was orthapedics. She started to transfer me but just before she hit the button I heard her say "JEEZUSSS". I think I may have ticked the poor thing off. It is all CAB's fault. I spoke to him and he assured me that he wished fervently that it was a joke. I now think that it is poetic justice that this happened when it did and caused us to doubt him. HA! I say. HA. HA. HA.

Monthly Resolutions Month 3

I got so excited about my resolutions last month that I actually looked at the handwritten list that I wrote on January 1st and realized that there were originally ten instead of six. So this month I worked with ten resolutions. I posted it on my bulletin board at work so that I could keep track of what I was supposed to be doing.

I have to say that I really do like this new "system". I am most definitely a "system" girl. I don't accomplish much in this life until I have figured out what my "system" is. Are y'all tired of the "quotes" yet? So to recap...

Here is the February List.

Monthly Resolutions for March:

1. Meet Someone New - I sat down on my morning train into the city yesterday and hefted "Breaking Dawn" out of my tote bag. The guy in uniform in the seat beside me was suitable impressed with the SIZE of this hardbound book of wonderfulness. He struck up a conversation with me. Now I don't know how many of you commute by train in the DC area, but I can assure you that talking, on the train, in the morning, is pretty much not done. Anyway, this lovely gentleman made some funny remark about my heavy reading and I laughed and then showed him what it was. We ended up getting into a whole conversation about the Twilight series. His son's "little girlfriend" has read them all, and his son read them to be supportive. Mr. Soldier said that he should probably read them too since everyone talks about them so much. I encouraged him as I believe they are fabulous and everyone should share the love. Then we talked about other books we liked. I ended up recommending that he read "The Time Travellers Wife" As I do to all my male reader friends. Sheldon first recommended it to me and I loved it. Anyhow, as with last month, I didn't get his name, but we had a moment on the train.
2. Go to a Museum - Tuesday evening I went walking a mile or so to my local library (which I will soon be leaving far behind, as I move into the wilds of Loudoun county, wah) and I ran into my friend Kiki who just happens to work there. She and another librarian started talking about the American History Museum which is where Kiki used to work. The museum just re-opened after a few years of being closed for remodeling. The other librarian was talking about the long lines at the First Ladies exhibit which reminded me of this very resolution and I thought, OH, if I go on a weekday I won't have to wait in line, and I all but shouted I'm Gonna Go Tomorrow! I'm sure that Kiki and her friend thought I was nuts, but I did go less than 24 hours later! I saw the First Ladies gowns, the original Star Spangled Banner, a lovely doll house that was amazing in its scope and detail and, last but not least, Julia Childs' Kitchen. I love going to museums by myself so that I can read each and every description and take all the time in the world without someone huffing over my shoulder about how hungry or bored they are. Sigh.
3. paint a room - FAIL, but mostly cause I'm moving in a couple of weeks and I know I'll be doing lots of painting in the new house!
4. spend time with an old friend - Got to visit with Wren AND Kiki in the past week!
5. try a new recipe - Oh Lord the goodness of Grandma Iny's Cake.
6. go dancing - FAIL, this one just makes me sad. I really need to get off my butt and GO! It will be such fun and I will burn so many calories too!
7. sushi - lunch at my favorite "fast food" sushi place in DC. Yum!
8. sell old stuff - FAIL, damn, again.
9. lose five pounds - COLOSSAL FAIL. I think I gained five instead of losing five. Sob.
10. spend time with a family member - Had a smoothie with my cousin AJ last week. She is going through a rough time. Her husband of five years informed her that he had a girlfriend and wanted out of the marriage. She is in the process of moving out of her house and is understandably crushed. We hadn't seen each other in a while and it was nice to catch up and hopefully give her a boost.