Wednesday, January 7, 2009

He Said YES!!

Hello My Friends!
Today is a Red Letter Day! After months of tears and talking my patience has finally paid off and Sheldon and I are back together! I don't know if I won him over with my sweet, sexy self, or just waited for him to have enough bad dates that I looked good in comparison, but whatever it was I'm glad. I sent him a long email first thing this morning outlining my ultimatum and asking him to think about it and we'd talk after we went to the gym tonight. I never heard a word from him so I wasn't sure he'd even seen it. Luckily I was busy at work all day, so I wasn't worrying about his thought processes all day long. He called me on my way to the gym and as soon as I heard his voice I was pretty sure it was a go, when I saw his face I was even more sure. He made me wait until we went back to his house for dinner and even then I had to stop the small talk and say "YOU ARE KILLING ME!" We talked through our thought processes and feelings and we each agreed that we needed to see what we had before we could move on to other people. This is so obvious considering we broke up in July and have seen each other at least once a week every week since then! I am feeling very warm and fuzzy. I am home now, just got out of the shower, headed for bed. He is at his house working on more algebra and statistics torture for his students. Tomorrow night is our weekly date night, hooray!!!

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