Monday, January 12, 2009

Boob Job?

If you saw me this morning in my brand new sharp looking striped blouse you may wonder if I had a boob job over the weekend. The answer to that query would no and YES! While I did NOT have any surgery I did in fact enhance my figure. Saturday while Sheldon was snowboarding and Miles was hanging with his friends at the mall I went to Nordstroms and got myself officially measured and I found out I was wearing The Wrong Size Bra!! Oprah did a show on this a while back and when I watched it I thought it was so ridiculous...I mean who could be so dumb. Turns out it was me! So I got myself measured and then fitted and then I bought several of the new lacy concoctions with their matching undies. Sheldon was SO happy as this is something he was really missing in our relationship. I feel like I am wearing a straight jacket as this contraption is much more involved than my old ones were...but it is also much more uplifting!! I'm a whole new girl, before you know it I will be paying more than $10 for a haircut and having manicures and all those other girlie things I have managed to avoid so far in this life. Ugh!

Of course, when I was wearing a new bra I had to go buy some sexy new tops to show off my new figure. Luckily, cute, sexy tops are much cheaper at Old Navy than they are at Nordstroms, so I was able to buy several. I guess the fact that I spent nothing on xmas is now moot as I spent a boatload that I didn't have on new clothes for myself. I did need the clothes though, I have not bought myself anything new to wear in quite a while.

Miles hasn't noticed the new me yet (and honestly, he shouldn't!!), but Sheldon was quite pleased with the results!

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