Friday, January 16, 2009

The Best Book!

I just read the Best Book! I started it when I was sitting in line waiting to get into the Birchmere. I just finished it this morning on the train. It caused me to miss my stop one day this week and I almost missed my stop two other days! I read a lot of good books, I even fall asleep on the train, it has been a VERY long time since I missed my stop!

The book is "Red River" by Lalita Tademy.

I highly, highly recommend it. It is about 3 generations of African American in Louisiana. It begins in 1873 shortly after the end of the Civil War. The main characters of that generation are former slaves who are fighting for their voting rights. The story follows those men and their progeny up through 1937. The most fascinating part is that it is the story of the Tademy family and the author threw in photographs of the characters as they came up in the story. It was a wonderful weaving of history and family and fiction. I got lost in it every time I picked it up.

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