Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hobnobbing with the wealthy.

Yeah, that's me, I'm a big hobnobber! I had a dream last night where I was working for a friend of mine. In real life my friend is a baker and a caterer, she lives in my neighborhood and is the first friend we made when we moved here 15 years ago. Her name is Marjorie but her grandchildren and all the neighborhood children call her Gramarg. This is not a name I made up, like most of the other names in this blog. This one is too cute, I had to use it.

Anyway in my dream instead of being a caterer Gramarg owned an upscale paper and stationary store in Middleburg. In case you have never heard of Middleburg, VA it is a tiny boutique of a town full of rich horsey types. Gramarg had hired me to be a calligrapher, rich women with too much money would come in and buy invitations or notecards from her and then they would hire me to write out their information or their letters cause they were just too stinkin' lazy to do it themselves. I'm sure I dreamed about expensive notecards because I was just reading a back issue of Real Simple where they were showing stationary examples that cost like $150 for 50 cards or something crazy like that. I love the Magazine, but my idea of cool new stationary is whatever I can find in the $1 at Target!

Anyway, in the dream, One lady hired me to write a note to her daughter for every month that she would be away at college, along with a check for pocket money. $11,000 a month. Pocket money. For a college kid. She gave me the wording on the note which she wanted to be the same every month, she gave me the 6 signed checks. I had to write all the notes and all the checks, being careful to date them starting with November 11th and working my way month by month through the 11's on the calendar. As I sat there writing her note over and over and then writing the checks one after the other I realized that I was not charging this woman near enough. I even had to mark it on MY calendar when to mail them for her each month.

The funniest part about this is that I have HORRIBLE handwriting and NO ONE would pay me to write anything down for them!

It was quite an entertaining dream. I am often entertained in my sleep. I have long elaborate dreams that could totally be blockbuster movies if I could only recall them in the morning.

You can tell exactly what Sheldon and I are obsessing about these days, we are both thinking of all the possible second jobs we could work so that we can afford to do everything we want to do to the new house. My current home has one bathroom and his has 2 and a half, the new house has 4 and a half. That's a lot of soap dishes and hand towels and hand soap, not to mention toilet paper!!

I did enjoy seeing Gramarg in my sleep, and it prompted me to email her asking to get together which is always a good thing!

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