Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Smart Sister

My sister Cricket is so smart. No really, I mean it. She has introduced me to VERY valuable websites like hotmail (back int the day before anyone else had ever heard of free web based email). Then a few years ago she upgraded me to gmail, which is the best! She got me hooked on Pamie one year when she was a camp counselor and needed me to mail her Pamie's journal posts because she was in the woods all summer and didn't have access to the internet. She taught me about Amazon Wishlists and got me on myspace to help me find a man. Then she upgraded me to facebook when that became the way to communicate.

I've helped her a time or two as well...she has a Mazda, a laptop and TiVo because of me.

This year she has introduced me to a whole new concept. This one has nothing to do with communication or the internet. It is a little more personal and close to home. She introduced me to the concept of brushing your teeth in the shower! I know! Sounds weird doesn't it? It is the GREATEST thing! I love brushing my teeth in the shower so much, I almost hate to do it at the sink. I now have 4 toothbrushes and 4 tubes of toothpaste! One in my shower, one at my sink, one in Sheldon's shower, one at Sheldon's sink! Sheldon and Miles both think I am bananas and refuse to take part in this crazyness. Frankly, I thought Cricket was crazy when she first mentioned it to me...but I was wrong. So...try it. Then you'll see how smart my sister Cricket is!

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