Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Monthly Resolutions - Month 2

I started a new habit this year, setting monthly do-able resolutions.  
Here is the January list.

Monthly Resolutions for February:

  1. Meet someone new (I had a lovely conversations with the people around me in line every time we went to the Birchmere last month.  I didn't get any names or numbers, but I'm sure I will see them again, the Birchmere is a small family of fans!!!)
  2. go to a museum (FAIL)
  3. paint a room in the house (FAIL)
  4. spend time with an old friend (Kiki and I hadn't spoken in 8 years and we talked for 4 solid hours last Tuesday)
  5. try a new recipe (Sheldon and I tried two new recipes on Valentines weekend!  Nos 108 and 111 in Rachael Ray's 365: No Repeats Cookbook.  Park City Cashew Chicken and Pork Chops with Grainy Mustard and Raisin Sauce.  Both were Yummo!)
  6. go dancing (FAIL)

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