Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No Pain for Miles

Ha, that's a pretty funny sentence.  Cause it doesn't mean what you may think.  My son Miles has absolutely NO PAIN TOLERANCE.  I mean none.  I have said this for years but I was reminded again last night how true this is.  Whenever he has pain of any sort it is the end of the world.  To him a papercut is like a broken arm.  No joke.  Any pain whatsoever causes immediate vomiting.  

This means if he has a headache he is miserable and can't keep pain meds in his tummy.  Right now he is suffering with a killer ear infection and can't tolerate tylenol or motrin or anything.  Luckily the last time this happened our doc gave him ear drops instead of oral meds and they worked like a charm.  I had forgotten all about the drops but after 24 hours of suffering he asked me to take him to the doc for more drops and when I checked the medicine stash, low and behold they were still in there and they were not expired!  Today he feels much better.

This pain issue was most clear when he had his appendix out at age 10.  He woke up in the night in horrible pain and I knew from the location and symptoms that it was his appendix cause I had mine out when I was 10.  We took him to the ER and they checked him out and although nothing seemed to be showing up in their various scans they opened him up and took it out.  The surgeon told us that in 20 years of appendectomies he had never seen one LESS inflamed!  That's right, the INSTANT that little bugger started to flare up, my kid was in agony!

I'm not sure how he will handle this as an adult.  Right now a headache is enough to put him in bed for days and this ear infection has kept him out of school for two days already.  He will have to figure out how to deal, cause no boss is gonna put up with this!

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