Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Monthly Resolutions Month 3

I got so excited about my resolutions last month that I actually looked at the handwritten list that I wrote on January 1st and realized that there were originally ten instead of six. So this month I worked with ten resolutions. I posted it on my bulletin board at work so that I could keep track of what I was supposed to be doing.

I have to say that I really do like this new "system". I am most definitely a "system" girl. I don't accomplish much in this life until I have figured out what my "system" is. Are y'all tired of the "quotes" yet? So to recap...

Here is the February List.

Monthly Resolutions for March:

1. Meet Someone New - I sat down on my morning train into the city yesterday and hefted "Breaking Dawn" out of my tote bag. The guy in uniform in the seat beside me was suitable impressed with the SIZE of this hardbound book of wonderfulness. He struck up a conversation with me. Now I don't know how many of you commute by train in the DC area, but I can assure you that talking, on the train, in the morning, is pretty much not done. Anyway, this lovely gentleman made some funny remark about my heavy reading and I laughed and then showed him what it was. We ended up getting into a whole conversation about the Twilight series. His son's "little girlfriend" has read them all, and his son read them to be supportive. Mr. Soldier said that he should probably read them too since everyone talks about them so much. I encouraged him as I believe they are fabulous and everyone should share the love. Then we talked about other books we liked. I ended up recommending that he read "The Time Travellers Wife" As I do to all my male reader friends. Sheldon first recommended it to me and I loved it. Anyhow, as with last month, I didn't get his name, but we had a moment on the train.
2. Go to a Museum - Tuesday evening I went walking a mile or so to my local library (which I will soon be leaving far behind, as I move into the wilds of Loudoun county, wah) and I ran into my friend Kiki who just happens to work there. She and another librarian started talking about the American History Museum which is where Kiki used to work. The museum just re-opened after a few years of being closed for remodeling. The other librarian was talking about the long lines at the First Ladies exhibit which reminded me of this very resolution and I thought, OH, if I go on a weekday I won't have to wait in line, and I all but shouted I'm Gonna Go Tomorrow! I'm sure that Kiki and her friend thought I was nuts, but I did go less than 24 hours later! I saw the First Ladies gowns, the original Star Spangled Banner, a lovely doll house that was amazing in its scope and detail and, last but not least, Julia Childs' Kitchen. I love going to museums by myself so that I can read each and every description and take all the time in the world without someone huffing over my shoulder about how hungry or bored they are. Sigh.
3. paint a room - FAIL, but mostly cause I'm moving in a couple of weeks and I know I'll be doing lots of painting in the new house!
4. spend time with an old friend - Got to visit with Wren AND Kiki in the past week!
5. try a new recipe - Oh Lord the goodness of Grandma Iny's Cake.
6. go dancing - FAIL, this one just makes me sad. I really need to get off my butt and GO! It will be such fun and I will burn so many calories too!
7. sushi - lunch at my favorite "fast food" sushi place in DC. Yum!
8. sell old stuff - FAIL, damn, again.
9. lose five pounds - COLOSSAL FAIL. I think I gained five instead of losing five. Sob.
10. spend time with a family member - Had a smoothie with my cousin AJ last week. She is going through a rough time. Her husband of five years informed her that he had a girlfriend and wanted out of the marriage. She is in the process of moving out of her house and is understandably crushed. We hadn't seen each other in a while and it was nice to catch up and hopefully give her a boost.

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