Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Well this was a first...

I lost my wallet this weekend. I am 44 years old and I have never lost my wallet before. Never. Luckily it was only my wallet and there wasn't really anything of value in it other than the $30 cash. I had a couple debit/credit cards and my drivers license and 14,000 membership cards to every freaking store in the tri-state area. I was kind of tired of carrying all of those cards around anyway, so now I have eased myself of that extra weight.

The last time I know I had my wallet was Saturday night when we had been moving large pieces of furniture and driving all day. Sheldon was doing all the driving and all the heavy lifting so don't feel too bad for me, but I was exhausted. We got the fridge and the dishwasher out of my condo and then realized that we didn't have anything to use to tie them down. There is a Lowe's right across the road from the neighborhood so we walked over there to buy some straps. I know I took my wallet because I expected to pay for the straps. On the way back down the hill to the truck a thunderstorm was brewing to the west and we were getting splattered with occasional raindrops so we were walking double-time. I know that when we were almost to the truck I handed Sheldon the bag of straps. I know that I opened the truck door but didn't get in. I think I put my wallet down at that point. I know I helped him tie down the fridge.

After that we got in the truck and drove back to the new house. We (he) unloaded the two appliances into the garage and I went inside to let the dog out. I carried my totebag and all the trash and such out of the truck and into the house. We stood talking in the kitchen for a moment and decided that he would drive the truck back to the uHaul place and get my car and I would go to bed. Cause you know, I was so tired.

I didn't realize that my wallet was missing until late Sunday. I kept thinking it was somewhere else in the house, or out in my car. It took a while for my brain to process the fact that the last time I had seen it I was not in my car, but in the rental truck. At 9pm Sunday I was searching every nook and cranny of my purse, my tote bag and my car. No wallet. Monday morning I called the uHaul place as soon as they opened. They had not seen my wallet and the truck was out on another rental but was due back within 30 minutes. I called back 30 minutes later. Not back. I called back every 30 minutes until noon. Still not back. The last call I wailed to the clerk "They are NEVER coming back because they have my credit cards and they are Living Large!" He laughed. I gave up calling until after 3pm. I get off work at 3pm and was waiting on the corner for my bus when I realized that I hadn't called in a few hours so I proceeded to dial and redial the number but Couldn't Get Through! Now I was picturing all the guys from the uHaul store out partying with the rental customers and my mastercard. Finally about 6pm the call went through and the bad news. The renters hadn't found it and the guys had gone over the truck with a fine toothed comb and it was not in the truck.

So...I started calling credit card companies and I went on the DMV website to see what the hours were to go stand in line tonight. Today I walked down to Filene's Basement on my lunch break and bought myself a new bright green wallet. (My old one was brown which obviously equals invisible.) While I was there I decided to treat myself to a new purse as well. I would love to show you a picture of it but I can't find one on the net. If I can upload one I will later today. It is adorable. The brand is Tignanello which I have never heard of before...but then I usually buy my purses at KMart so what do I know?

I really think that Sheldon is going to regret introducing me to this whole world of girlie things like shopping. :)

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