Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Who's the April Fool Now?

Well, I am still not entirely convinced that my brother isn't pulling my leg. Pun intended. But he did send this hideous picture of the his leg this morning. Turns out he is back in the hospital due to what they think is an allergic reaction to the betadine they slathered him in before surgery last week. While he also has friends who are experts in make-up and special effects, I'm thinking this is real. I truly expected a phone call this morning where he said April Fool and then chuckled himself silly. After I got this photo I called the hospital and asked if they had a patient by the name of CAB. I became more suspicious when the operator started snickering, but she assured me that something funny was going on at her end. She gave me his room number and asked if I wanted to be transferred. Being no dummy I asked her what part of the hospital this room was in. See, if he was in maternity or something the jig would be up. The woman answered, and I kid you negative: "He's in the old wing." I explained that no, I needed to know what department he was in and she assured me it was orthapedics. She started to transfer me but just before she hit the button I heard her say "JEEZUSSS". I think I may have ticked the poor thing off. It is all CAB's fault. I spoke to him and he assured me that he wished fervently that it was a joke. I now think that it is poetic justice that this happened when it did and caused us to doubt him. HA! I say. HA. HA. HA.

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