Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Moving is a drag...but that's not why I was crying.

I hate moving and I speak from experience. I have moved a lot. I haven't moved very FAR mind you, just often. In fact, I have been in my current condo for 11 years and it is the longest I have lived anywhere in my entire life. I was born in Roanoke, Va moved to Toms Brook, VA when I was 4, moved to Strasburg, VA when I was 12, moved to Fairfax, VA for college when I was 19. During my college years I moved an average of every 5 months and not because I was moving in and out of dorms. I never lived in the dorms. George Mason was (and still is to a point) a commuter school and very few people lived on campus. When I left school (without graduating) I moved to Baltimore, Md. (I had an adorable one room apartment there that only cost me $280 a month!!!!) Then I met the X. He and I moved to VA Beach, Strasburg and Leesburg within a year. The next year we moved to Harpers Ferry, WV. The next year we moved to Winchester, VA. The next year we moved to Chantilly, VA where I have lived ever since. I have been in the same neighborhood in Chantilly for 15 years, but this is the third unit I have lived in there.

Moving sucks, but that being said, this is probably the easiest move I've experienced. Neither Sheldon or I have to be out til the end of the month so we have plenty of time. The furniture is all being moved by professionals, so we don't have to do any heavy lifting. We have had time to paint and unpack boxes as we go. Well, he painted, I unpacked boxes. So at this moment, the upside is that my kitchen is clean and put away. My closet has my clothes all sorted by type and hung neatly. My shoe boxes are all neatly stacked. The bathrooms all have toilet paper and the sinks all have soap. The bad news? Well a minor inconvenience is that I can't do laundry at the new house yet, but all my dirty laundry is already there. I'm sleeping at Sheldon's house, but my clean and dirty clothes as well as my shoes are at the new house. Last night as I was leaving the new house to go to his house I realized that I had nothing to wear, so I doubled back and grabbed a skirt, top and jacket that I love and the boots that go so well and help keep me warm in my freezing cold office. Only it wasn't the skirt I usually wear with the outfit and I didn't realize until I was at Sheldon's that the boots were not gonna go with the changed I had to dig through a trashbag of rumpled but clean clothes and find an outfit that would go with the shoes I left at work and throw it into his dryer for de-rumpling. Cause I'm not gonna iron!

Are you tired? Or is it just me?

I am proud to say that so far there has been no yelling or tears. Not that yelling or tears are a normal part of our relationship, but moving can be stressful. Moving in together can be stressful. Blending two entirely separate households into one can be stressful. Yelling and tears seemed to be on the horizon. I did cry in the car driving between houses last night, but it wasn't because of yelling, it was because of this beautiful song...

See! Even that poor guy is crying! Tim McGraw kills me when he gets sappy. I am old enough now that I am not losing peers in Iraq but three people I know have lost sons over there.

This song also made me cry this week.

Darius Rucker, you kill me.

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