Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mind Control is just one of my Super Powers

Did I ever tell you about the time that Miles thought I had mind control over Target workers?

One day when Miles was about six years old we were in the car headed to our new Target. I can't remember why we got on the topic but I referred to Elvis as "The King". Miles dismissed my comment by saying that I didn't even like Elvis so why would I call him the king? I laughed and said that I had no control over it, that Elvis was known around the world as the King. Miles was sure that I was teasing him. He reminded me that we didn't have a King in the US, we have a President. I agreed and said he was the King of Rock and Roll.

All the way to the store I tried to convince him that I wasn't lying or teasing, but telling the absolute truth. We parked the car and got out and I offered to walk up to anyone in the parking lot and ask them "Who is the King?" and they would say Elvis. He hates it when I embarrass him like that so I knew he would back down on this argument if I made that offer. He didn't back down though, he was completely convinced that I was making fun of him or of Elvis, or both. As we walked into the store a young clerk was arranging the carts and I said "I bet we could ask that young lady right there!" The girl who was barely 18 looked over, all eager to help in her new job at the new store and said "Can I help you?" Miles was tugging on my arm now, begging me not to do it, but how could I not? I asked her "Who's the King?"

Considering that this was in the suburbs of Washington, DC and she was most likely one of those girls who couldn't decide which Hanson brother was the cutest, it was a pretty bold choice on my part. It could all have blown up in my face at that moment. She looked a little panicky as she was expecting a question like "Where are the towels?" and then very slowly she said "Elvis Presley?" Miles looked at her dumbstruck and then looked at me and said in a very hushed voice "How'd you do that?"

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