Monday, May 11, 2009

My Weekend

When I got home Friday Sheldon was already mowing the backyard which was literally knee high. Needless to say it was slow going. I followed behind him for a while with the rake, but I was worn out way before he was ready to stop. I went in the house and got him some lemonade and he took a short break, but went right back at it. The next time I looked outside he had finished the whole thing. I am amazed at his stamina. Not that our yard is that big or anything, but I would have had to do the job in stages and he just plowed through until he was finished.

Saturday we went to our local nursery and bought a clematis for the mailbox, 4 gorgeous rose bushes and 12 pots of phlox, and ordered 3 trees to be delivered later in the week. We went home and planted the phlox by the front door and the clematis right away. Again, Sheldon did most of the work. He dug the holes and I just watered and patted down the dirt around the new plants. Neither of us has ever had a partner to work in the yard with before and I think we work together well. I kept expecting him to fuss at me for being such a wimp, but he was pleased to have any help so there was no complaining.

I had an absolutely lovely Mother's Day. Miles called from his dad's and asked if he could come hang out with me for the afternoon. I was quite tickled as he usually prefers hanging out with his friends. I was talking to Cricket on the phone when I pulled up in front of his house, and we he came out the door all I could say was "My baby, my baby!" Cricket didn't know what was going on and kept saying "What? WHAT?" in my ear. I got out of the car and ran over to give him a hug and burst into tears. He looked beyond beautiful with his hair short. He was laughing and embarrassed but I don't think he minded one little bit. I forgot to take any pictures, but he promised to send me one to post here.

I invited Mama over to see the new house and because I wanted to make Pioneer Woman's Apple Dumplings for her for Mother's Day. She was very pleased with her list, but she wanted me to note for all y'all that she is aware that she snores because she will awake to find the cats staring at her. She said that she still has some of that Texas map fabric, but that she HAS thrown away all the magazines.

Cricket and her friend who is not named Christy stopped by as well. Sheldon made delicious ham and havarti sandwiches for everyone and then we dug into the dessert table. We had the aforementioned Apple Dumplings AND Grandma Iny's "Spice" Cake AND a chocolate cheesecake that Sheldon made. We were all about the desserts, although I'm proud to say that I weighed 2 pounds LESS this morning than I did Friday morning! Must have been all the raking and climbing stairs while carting laundry that I was doing all weekend.

I hope all of you had as much fun and as much good food as I did this weekend. It was without doubt my best Mother's Day ever!

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