Monday, May 18, 2009

2009 Post Hunt

Oh Lord this was fun. Frustrating, mind boggling, sunburning, head scratching fun. Go here to see what all the fuss was about. Sheldon and I went for our second year. We invited his friends T and S because we knew from last year that more brains were needed. We got four of the five puzzles without too much head scratching but the fifth one had us completely flumoxed. We had been lulled by the comparative ease in solving the the other four, even though Sheldon had been convinced they were too easy and therefore must be wrong. Between the fifth puzzle and the endgame we went to the ESPN Zone for beer, cause that always increases ones brain power right? As we headed back to the main stage we could hear Dave Barry singing "Old McDonald" so we got the EIEIO clue but we had no idea what that meant. Then we saw people streaming down the street past us, so we followed them. We were completely off-base. We weren't even playing the same game as the winners by that point and worse yet, we wasted so much time wandering from possibility to possibility that we were not even back at the main stage when they announced the winners (who won it in less than 15 minutes) and explained the whole game. Luckily we found a friendly player who told us all that we had missed. Although we had absolutely NO CHANCE at the $2,000 we did have fun, got some exercise and fresh air, spent time with friends, and we did much better than last year for speed at figuring out the four puzzles we did solve. We can't wait for next year and may even make the trip to Miami for the Tropic Hunt in October.

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