Thursday, May 14, 2009

Common Threads

Art and I went to see a very cool exhibit at the Smithsonian American Art Museum last week. The artist's name is Jean Shin and I really like her style. She takes cast-offs, other peoples trash, and makes it into something completely different and new and fresh. As we entered each room of the exhibit we would look at the display and think "Okay, that's interesting." and then we'd read the description of said piece on the wall and be like "COOL, that is SO cool!" We were cracking up after a while, cause we knew the description would have a wow factor. I must have said "This is my favorite." at least 3 times.

This is the first thing that caught my eye, it is called Fringe. In the description it said that the first installation had this colorful collection of ties outdoors by a bustop and that passengers waiting for buses would actually "borrow" ties.

This one titled Penumbra is a video of the colorful fabric she made from old, broken umbrellas. It was quite mesmerizing to watching the fabric blowing in the wind, I really wish I could have seen this in person because they only showed one little piece of it in the video and I really wanted to see the whole thing, to get a feeling for the scope of it.

This display shows what a small world we live in, even in a country as large as ours. It is called Unraveling and is made up of sweaters donated to her from Korean Americans all over the country. They are unraveled and connected to each other based on relationships that their former owners have.

Then there is this one. I don't think I can even explain it. Just go look. It was very cool, definitely one of my favorites!

There was more, but I invite you to check out the rest of her website or come to the museum yourself. The exhibit will be there until July 26th, 2009. Let me know if you are coming cause my office is only a few blocks away.

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