Friday, May 8, 2009

Baby Got Back

There's a rumor that my baby is back. My son Miles is a teenager. Need I even say more? When he was little he had light blond hair and I always kept it buzzed cause it was just easier to take care of. A few years ago he decided to grow his hair long. Last year he decided to dye it black. He has had long black hair for a while now. I hate it but I let him do it because hair grows back and I am saving all my NO's for tattoos and piercings. Last night my ex-husband called to tell me that my baby was back. I had no idea what he was talking about and I was a little startled at his words and the emotion in his voice. He said that Miles had asked for a haircut, he wanted it all cut off. The X said "Why don't we wait til Sunday?" Miles said "No, let's do it now before I can change my mind." They went to the Haircuttery and he got it all buzzed off. His roots were light brown. The X says that he looks just like he did back in the day. He said that the women at the shop were all making a fuss over how handsome he is and how he shouldn't have been hiding his face behind all that hair. The X was almost tearful telling me all this. I can't wait to see my baby! I have to admit, I do like this picture of him though.

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