Thursday, May 7, 2009

April Resolutions - Epic Fail

Okay this month was an Epic Fail. But hey, I was moving! I have also decided to change up a little on the choices, cause hey, they are my resolutions and I can do whatever I want!

April To Do List
1. Meet someone new - Lots of new neighbors!
2. museum - fail, although I did try to make a plan with Matt.
3. paint - Sheldon painted the kids rooms in the new house, does that count?
4. spend time with an old friend - fail
5. new recipe - oh a big YES for this one...Pioneer Woman's Apple Dumplings!!! YUM!!!
6. dancing - fail, sad, this is probably the one that I want MOST to actually do!
7. sushi - took Miles one night during the move, but he wasn't speaking to me at the time so it wasn't very enjoyable.
8. sell old stuff - fail, but I am determined that MAY is the month for this one!
9. lose 5 pounds - fail, again!
10. quality family time - played a game of Sorry! with Trixiebelle and Sheldon the other night.

For May this is the list:
  1. go to a museum
  2. spend time with an old friend
  3. try a new recipe
  4. spend some quality family time
  5. make Sheldon watch one chick flick
  6. visit my Mama
  7. exercise
  8. go letterboxing
  9. sell something I don't need anymore
  10. crochet or cross stitch something

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