Friday, May 8, 2009

John Lennon is Alive!

Okay, not really. But he communicated with me this morning. At least I think it was him. For all I know it was Napoleon or my Nannie. Years and years ago I read an interview with Julian Lennon where he described his relationship with his father. He and his father made a pact that whichever of them died first would do everything in their power to communicate from the other side. The plan they came up with was to send a feather floating down in front of the one left on Earth to let them know that they were okay. This morning while waiting for my 5:37am bus a feather came floating down from the ceiling of the bus shelter and landed about a foot in front of me. I was so relieved to know that John Lennon was safe and happy in Heaven. Then my distaste for critters kicked in and all I could think of was that what this really meant was that there were birds nesting in the rafters of the shelter and said birds might poop on me. I didn't know which way to move to avoid the impending poop bombs, so I just stood very still and hoped that the other people around me looked like better targets to the birds above.

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