Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Child Made me Proud

Miles made me very proud last night. He was moaning about how he had to go xmas shopping for his friends. I patiently explained for the nth time that someone with no job and no money was in no position to buy gifts. Since I have a job and make money but choose NOT to buy gifts he really doesn't want to have this conversation with me. He agreed that one of his friends gifts could be purchased after he got his xmas money from his grandparents and aunts and uncles, but the other gift was for a girl that he really likes and that he wasn't gonna see til after the holidays. He really wanted to give her something and I understood that. So I said, "Why don't you make her something?"

Oh Lord! He fumed and snorted and told me in so many words how stupid that was and how she would laugh at him.

20 minutes later he came back in the room and asked me what he should make. I started listing things...a cd of his favorite music, a video (he and his friends make up skits and film them all the time and they are usually pretty funny), bake her cookies or brownies...

He stomped off snorting at my ridiculousness again.

I just sat there in the living room watching the news and shaking my head.

20 minutes later he came back in the room and asked if we had any white t-shirts. I said no, what are you thinking now? He said that he was gonna take a white shirt and write all of their in-jokes and funny sayings on it. I thought that this was a marvelous idea and I said that I would happily drive him to the craft store to buy a plain shirt to write on and I'd even buy him a set of colorful Sharpies to do it with.

He was thrilled!

So up we jumped and put on our shoes and ran to Michael's. He found a shirt and markers and I looked for new stamp pads for Sheldon and me to use for letterboxing and we were out of there and headed back home. The shirt cost a grand total of $3.99. I told Miles that I would pay for the markers as I had been lusting after them for a while but didn't have a good excuse to buy them for myself until now.

We got home and he immediately set to work on decorating the shirt. He did the front and the back and the sleeves and even the collar band. He was so tickled with himself when he was finished. Of course the fear is that the girl won't be impressed, but I have met this child and I'm pretty sure she will be thrilled. I will let y'all know how it goes.

I was so proud that my lectures haven't fallen on completely deaf ears. I told him while he was working so diligently that he could make me some new ring tones for my phone as my xmas present since he has been whining about not having money to spend on me as well. He knows how to make these on the computer and I am dying for some new ones, so this is a fantastic gift for me!

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