Thursday, December 4, 2008

Words have such power

When I started working at my current job 2 years ago this was the sign over the kitchen sink:

"At this point if you place dirty dishes in the sink you can either wash your dishes or place them in the dish washer or take them home. Due to the lack of your assistance in keeping the kitchen clean. Thank you"

This sign did no good whatsoever. There were still dirty dishes in the sink every single time I went into the kitchen. I would go in and wash my own dishes and then wash all the other dishes in the sink because it just seemed petty to leave them there. Sometimes there would be nice rubbermaid or tupperware pieces and I would feel the urge to swipe them for myself. I always controlled myself though. Then one day about a year ago, the sign got on my last nerve and I changed it to read as such:

Fair Warning

If you leave your coffee cups, glasses, dishes, plastic containers or silverware in the sink for someone else to wash, you may never see them again.

Fair Warning

And since then there are hardly ever dishes left in the sink and if there are I feel perfectly justified in keeping the pieces I like! Isn't it amazing how writing something clearly and stating the consequences for not following the rules makes all the difference?

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