Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I love to travel.  I can't afford to at the moment, but I want to go to Europe before Miles is grown and gone.  The following is a list of the countries I'd like to visit, in order of importance and why.

  1. Iceland - cause I've wanted to go there since my Aunt and Uncle sent me a postcard of their trip to the Blue Lagoon when I was a teenager.
  2. Italy - because every book or article I have ever read gushes about the light and the food and those are two things you just have to experience for yourself.
  3. England - because I am an Anglophile from way back.  Dickens, Shakespeare, Chaucer, Rowling, McCartney-Lennon et. al.  Not to mention the hundreds of movies about King Arthur and other royalty and all those palaces!  Plus when I went there as a teenager I was only there for 24 hours and that is not NEAR enough time to explore a city block, much less an entire country!
  4. Ireland - the green and the accent, need I say more?
  5. Portugal - because it looks so beautiful and unique on Amazing Race
  6. The Netherlands - tulips, windmills, fascinating.
Where would YOU like to go?  Comment with your list...I'd love to know!

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