Friday, February 13, 2009

A Rose in Every Color!

I love roses.  I love growing roses.  I love receiving roses.  I love buying roses.  My favorite roses to buy or receive are yellow ones, I love growing every color.  My great-grandmother died when I was about to turn 14, in fact she was buried on my 14th birthday.  Her favorite flower was yellow roses and her casket was covered with them.  I decided at that moment on a beautiful sunny April morning that yellow roses would always be my favorite as well.  I have a china cookie jar that once belonged to her.  It is very old and the glaze is cracked and darkened with age.  It has yellow roses on it and I love it.

I mention all this because it is Valentines Season and I love roses and hearts and all things involved in this holiday.  I sent Sheldon a bouquet today that was yellow roses and orange lilies (his favorite).  I can't wait to see it!  He called me just now when I was driving home from work and we got to talking about the meanings of the different colors of roses.  He asked what blue meant and I had no idea.  So I went online (thank God for google) and looked it up.  I was so fascinated that I decided to share my new knowledge with you, my dear readers.  :)

red - love, romance
white - purity, innocence
pink - happiness, grace
dark pink - gratitude, thank you
yellow - joy, friendship
yellow with a red tip - falling in love (I love this!)
orange - fascination, desire
peach - sincerity, sympathy
lavender - love at first sight, enchantment
black - death, farewell
blue - impossible, mystery
roses sent every month - beauty ever new

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