Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Spring Awakening

I am betting that you have never heard of this show before unless you heard about it from me. I am a lifelong theatre lover. My dad was an actor when I was a child and I was exposed to the theatre from toddlerhood. I have even done a turn or two on stage myself. All that being said, I didn't see my first Broadway show until I was in my 30's. I have only seen one Broadway show twice and it was Spring Awakening. To say I love this show would be a complete understatement. I was completely mesmerized the first time I saw it and bought the soundtrack on my way out of the building. I made my date play the cd all the way home to Virginia. That was two years ago. I still listen to it often. The music was done by Duncan Shiek and it is so fabulous. The play was not originally written as a musical, it was in fact, a very dark controversial play that was banned for more than 80 years! It was written in Germany in 1891 and that is where the story is set. The twist that this show has brilliantly done is bring the story to the present through the use of rock and roll. The fact that the themes are still present in our modern day high schools is almost scary. The story involves teenage sexuality, pregnancy, abortion, suicide, drug use, homosexuality...all the same things our society still struggles with.

The cast on Broadway was magnificent, especially for such a young ensemble. I know the same cast won't be on the road show, but I hope they can do as good a job. This video from youtube will give you a better taste of it...

The second time I saw the show I knew all the songs by heart but was still moved to tears and laughter, maybe moreso because I knew what was gonna happen this time. The show has closed on Broadway now which I think is a shame, but luckily it is now on tour. I have every intention of forcing Miles to go. He is horrified as he wants to pretend like I don't know a thing about sex or about being a teenager. I really want him to see it though, I think it will show him a lot about how he is no different from the teens of every generation.

I hope you go see it too! It is so so so wonderful!!!

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