Sunday, November 30, 2008

Another Day of Working Out

I am proud to say I got off my butt for the third day in a row!  Friday Sheldon and I went hiking/letterboxing, yesterday we went to the gym and I swam 50 laps, today we met at the gym and I worked hard on the treadmill.  I walked uphill for an hour, walking over 3 miles and burning 324 calories.  Feels good!  

It also feels good to be home.  I left Sheldon's after the gym yesterday and today I only went over to his house for a little while.  This is important because I'm not sticking around with a knot in my stomach waiting for him to shoo me out.  I'm leaving of my own volition, because I have other things to do at home.  I'm leaving him wanting more.  For probably the first time in our relationship I am letting him miss me.  This isn't a trick or a game I am playing, far from it, in fact it is just because I finally feel some confidence in where we stand, and how important I am in his life.

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