Wednesday, June 3, 2009


That's correct, the chart to the left is accurately portraying the fact that I have GAINED all the weight back. I am heavier than I have ever been in my life except when I was pregnant and I'm almost caught up to that number!!!! It is obvious that when I exercise the weight falls off, so I just have to get off my butt. I really, really, really want a treadmill and a rowing machine for our home gym, but there are so many other things we are buying for the house right now that those items are pretty far down the priority list. I HAVE to do something though! I hate being this heavy, I have heartburn, I snore, my back hurts, all symptoms that I'm sure have more to do with the extra weight than to my ever advancing AGE! The fact that Sheldon is skinny as a rail doesn't help any, but even he says that my eating is fine, he's the one eating icecream every night, not me.

If nothing else I will strap on the iPod and run up and down the stairs at the house tonight!!!!


  1. That chart you mention actually shows up on the right side for us. Just saying. Anyway, if you sold that stuff you mention in your resolutions, you could use that money for the equipment you want. But, do you own a bicycle?


  2. I do own a bike, Sheldon bought me a beautiful bike last year and I live in a lovely neighborhood with all sorts of paths I could be riding on. Unfortunately we have been plagued by afternoon thunderstorms lately, or at least that's my current excuse.