Sunday, July 17, 2011

Me in Grad School? Whaaaaa???

So my friend Kiki was badgering me the other day about contacting GMU and contesting the fact that they want me to repeat classes from 27 years ago.  I have been avoiding this partly because it's painful after everything that happened to me last fall and partly because I feel like I'm asking for special favors and I don't want to do that.  But to shut Kiki (and TWQ and CAB and everyone else who has commented on this recently) up I wrote an email to my favorite Folklore professor who is also one of the "chairs" in the English department.  I was FLOORED by her response.  She said that she was so saddened to hear that I was not in school and not finishing because she had hoped I would go to GRAD SCHOOL!  Me!  In grad school!!!  The idea is SO ludicrous to me because it has taken me so long to get this fucking degree, the last thing I was thinking of was CONTINUING.  But then the idea that she thought so highly of me and my writing that she wanted me in her field really gave me pause.  What if I did go to grad school.  What if I did become a professional folklorist (that sounds so silly considering that folklore is something you learn from someone else and not from a book).  The thing is I am a folklorist now, I love to hear other people's stories and share my own.  I write about my adventures on my blog.  I take daily joy in life.  I don't need any degree to do that.  But still...I'm intrigued.  Grad school.

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