Saturday, June 25, 2011

It was a very good week...

Hi My Friends,
I have had a very good week:

  • I had my annual review at my new job which was really my 90 day review since that's how long I've been there.  They all had flattering things to say about me so I was more than pleased.  I'm not sure if I'm eligible for an increase or a bonus at this stage but obviously both things would be welcome.
  • I finished a project that I thought would only take a few days and ended up taking more than three weeks.  It was transcribing interviews with various heads of human services organizations and while sometimes tedious it was also interesting.  I also got to use a transcribing pedal for the first time and I really loved that gadget!
  • I found a birthday gift for my mother that I have wanted to get for her for years.  Her birthday isn't until November but I really want to give it to her RIGHT NOW!
  • I have almost nailed the ins and outs of a complicated project that I have to accomplish on the 14th of every month for one of my five bosses.  Each month I get it done faster and I understand it better, next month it should be a breeze.
  • I bought myself a skillet and a turner at a thrift store so now I can have grilled cheese sandwiches again.  Hooray!
  • I had some very illuminating conversations with a college friend who only new me for a short time 25 years ago.  Their memories of who I was then, how I carried myself, how I was viewed by the world around me gave me terrific insight and peace on who was then and who I am now.  I feel almost reborn in a way, that sounds so cheesy, but I really do have a new sense of peace and I wake up smiling every day.
  • I bought two tickets in the second row of BOOK OF MORMON for my birthday next year!!  Miles and I can hardly wait!
  • I figured out what to do with an afghan that I had started for someone that I could no longer give it to.  I have almost finished it now and the little girl who will get it will be thrilled as it is much larger than the one I made that she keeps stealing from her new baby sister.
  • I met a young man at work who is equally interested in blood drives and we have spearheaded a new blood drive program at work.  We are both very excited about it and so is HR.
  • I discovered Green Olive Tapenade at Whole Foods and it is my new favorite food.
  • I read, I crocheted, I played on the computer, I sang, I practiced my banjo, I cooked for my son, I visited with friends, all to my heart's content.
It was a very good week.

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