Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Why Yes, I am a Power Puff Girl, Why Do You Ask?

My sister Katy's friend Amy posted this on Facebook today and I was immediately inspired. I passed the link on to several friends and we have decided to start "team ARKing" on a weekly basis. We call ourselves the PowerPuff Girls...we shall remain anonymous, you can think of us as Pink, Green and Blue. I am Pink. We may ARK on YOU soon, so watch out! We are gonna try to do something as a team every week, but we can also do stuff on our own. I started a list of possibilities, using Robyn's list as a base, but we have added several more and are up to 50 at this point. Now that I have the plan in my head I want to run right out and start carrying groceries and washing windshields and pumping gas for folks. Funny how that whole giving thing just takes over sometimes.


  1. L-O-V-E this! you girls rock! Glad I could help. Thanks for the shout out. The giving just keeps on going and going. This is already by far my best, most favorite year of my life ever! :) Power to the PowerPuff Girls!

  2. You said it Sista... Green Puff here: all I could think about last night was how it would be nicer to help people out.... Hold the door open for people as they walk in an out of the store.... and I found.. after giving someone my seat.. that people do not know how to respond! LET'S START A KINDNESS REVOLUTION!!!